Bellaggio, Winton

Just taking a quick moment to discuss a business lunch I had with a couple of colleagues yesterday, as we took to Winton High Street for some “direct marketing” for the hotel, i.e. handing out information packs regarding our Christmas party deals. Bellaggio Pizzeria was our destination of choice.

Calzone - containing Mozzarella, Ham, Bacon and Pepperoni

Calzone – containing Mozzarella, Ham, Bacon and Pepperoni

It would not be enough to say I highly recommend this place’s lunchtime Pizza-or-Pasta-for-£4.95 deal without going into more detail. Obviously the menu for this offer is somewhat limited compared to the main menu, but you’d expect that, right? My colleagues chose a classic Spaghetti Bolognese and a Pizza Diavola (comprising of pepperoni and chillis in addition to the usual Mozzarella and tomatoes) respectively. And my choice was the standard Calzone (see pictured).

Bellaggio's side salad

Bellaggio’s side salad

Look at the size of that! Remember that has cost less than a fiver. And to call it huge would almost be an understatement; the thing hangs off the plate! And not only that, but you get a comparatively small side salad (see pictured) as a sort of starter. Service could not have been more prompt, while I remember – no sooner than three minutes after delivering the salad did my Calzone arrive.

The Calzone itself contained a gorgeous and generously-sized mixture of Mozzarella, bacon, ham and pepperoni, as well as being topped with a decent helping of Pomodoro sauce and Parmesan. Now here’s the only thing that stops this place getting a 10/10 for Quality – the Pomodoro sauce had been deliberately placed to cover up a rather large, burnt black area of the Calzone crust. Difficult to avoid, I suppose, but nevertheless not a pleasant surprise to find amongst an otherwise beautiful dish that was worth twice that which I paid for it. And suffice it to say that it certainly satisfied my lunchtime hunger. So if you’re ever passing through Winton High Street and in need of a quick lunch, you could do much worse than steering yourself into this delightful restaurant.