Chocoholic Society – THE Chocolate Dessert to try Before Easter



While I’m on the lookout for my latest review, in the meantime, I thought I’d give you a definite favourite chocolatey idea while we’re en route to Chocolate Season (or Easter to everybody else). I would like to make a point of saying that we at Expensive Tastes take no responsibility for any obesity, diabetes or any other health problems that may occur as a result of trying out this dish.

...and After

…and After

The Magic Chocolate Ball (before and after pictured) recipe actually showed up shared by one of my friends on my Facebook news feed. It was a fast-motion video version of the recipe, but after seeing how potentially simple it looked, I have it in mind as my dessert for this year’s dinner party. Do have a go and let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@XpensiveTastes) if you have any ideas for variations or improvements. I’m already considering a Rocky Road edition, with raspberries, cherries and marshmallows. Sound too sickly to you? Let us know!

And rather than bore you with the recipe details myself, I may as well send you to the gif directly.