Culture: A Bad Tourist’s Favourite Places in Munich – in Pictures

After living in Munich for nearly year, I am starting to forget that dramatic first impression the city gave me, and sadly normalizing myself to its beauty.  I thought it be a good idea before I compeltely forget what the city has to offer, to talk about some of my favourite places in the city…


Rathaus-Glockenspiel, Marienplatz


The Englischgarten

Munich Residenz Tour 
Despite walking past the palace every day I never actually thought about going in. It was a recommendation from a visiting friend that got me inside. WOW. How foolish was I never to consider going in. It was impressive, room after room, each with stunning design and interesting stories. The audio tour is free, and I strongly recommend it. It’s amazing hearing the story behind the royals and their home. Be warned though, the tour can a good four hours, so make sure you have enough time; I sadly had to leave early.

The Olympic Park

The Alps 
Last but definitely not least, the Alps. Although not being a part of the city, the Alps are just a short train ride away. Their beauty is something you can never adjust to. They are forever awe-inspiring. And with a quick google you can find hikes suitable for all ages, so make sure to bring your hiking boots!