Culture: Croatia Baby! – Part II – Split

So, as mentioned in Part One, I was in charge of all the bookings and flights etc, because well, we’ve established that Dani is Dani and well, it’s just easier that I did it… So yeah, our accommodation was a little out of the way. Maybe a 45 minute walk out of the way. We had Googled our place in Split and it was meant to be right by the beach and close by to all the amenities and what not. I can confirm that it was by the beach, but by the amenities, it was not.

Split_1We had to get a bus, a journey that we were informed would only take 15 minutes. Not knowing where to get off, we estimated the time and asked a couple of women how far away our apartment was. They laughed in our face and kindly told us it was a good three miles. Fortunately, a kind woman from a bakery had a son who was a taxi driver and he took us to where we needed to be. It was only right that we bought something from her store as a thank you and so doughnuts had to happen (see pictured)!

The apartment was lovely, albeit well out the way. It had a balcony and we were literally on the beach. I thoroughly recommend Vila Zanic in Podstrana, just maybe rent a car whilst you’re at it. I didn’t take any pictures, so see the link to Tripadvisor instead. There weren’t any restaurants near us and our dinner on the first night involved bread, cheese and crisps. Healthy, right?

Buses into Split Centre were fairly frequent and also not a bad price and we ventured out to meet the Kiwi friends that I mentioned in the previous post. We met them at Bačvice; Split’s most popular beach. It’s a sandy, shallow beach where you have to wade in at least 50m for it to get higher than waist height. Its popularity meant it was surrounded by people, mainly kids and teenagers and there was even an inflatable blow-up assault course – not so fun when you’re trying to sunbathe and the little shits are constantly splashing you.

We wondered onto the Old Town which is beautiful and you can easily lose yourself for hours in the history of it. The Diocletian Palace was built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian as a retirement home and now its architecture features many different restaurants, shops and tours for the many tourists that visit the city each year.

Split_2The Old Town is full of quirks such as the palace and if you come across the statue of Gregory of Nin (it looks a lot like something out of The Lord of the Rings), you can rub his feet which is meant to bring good luck. Or if you’re cynical like me, you can not believe that and just think about how many people have touched that stone… think of the germs, ew!

One of my personal favourites was the cat park where stray cats just chill all day and are fed. Some of them are extremely scruffy looking and only have one eye, but I think it’s a ploy for free food and to lounge in the sun all day… where do I sign up?

Split_3Part of the palace involves a lot of stairs and we walked up ALL of them. Downside to holidaying with people who are fit… The sunset was well worth it though and you could see the majority of Split (see pictured). It was truly beautiful.

If you get the opportunity to, visit Krka, the National Park. It’s about an hour drive away – I think there is public transport, but to be honest, it worked out cheaper for four of us to hire a car. We ended up with a little Suzuki Swift and even though it was my first time driving on the other side of the road, I didn’t even kill anyone! I’ll take that as a win.

Split_4But anyway, Krka: wow! I think it only cost us the equivalent of about £10 to get in and there were beautiful waterfalls (see pictured) that you can swim in – slightly cold, and by slightly, I mean very – and the walk around the park saw snakes, fish, birds and we even saw frog porn which obviously ended with a beautiful rendition of ‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions sleep toniiigghhhhht’. Who says we’re not cool?

I’ll keep the food part short and simple, but being so close to Italy, you need to have pasta dishes whilst you’re in Croatia (see pictured). I’m not going to lie, I’m struggling to remember half the stuff we did. I just remember it was bloody epic!