Deli on the Quay, Poole

When the spring weather is unseasonably warm, this harbourside haunt is bound to be one of the first to fill up quickly – so don’t wait around!

It really should not have taken this long to get around to reviewing this place. My family have been frequenting Deli on the Quay since before my father passed. Our review takes place on what would have been his 53rd birthday, just last Saturday, when, as a means of acknowledging the day as well as making the most of the good weather, my mother and stepfather and I paid a little visit to this quayside café for a spot of lunch in the sun.

Chicken Bistro Sandwich – chicken with roasted vegetables and pesto mayonnaise

Before now, I had believed the deli to be the place to go for a piece of cake or, if pushing the boat out, an extravagant sandwich. Believe me, it’s not limited to your tuna and sweetcorn here – things like the Chicken Bistro (see pictured) certainly take the spotlight – that’s chicken with roasted vegetables and pesto mayonnaise, by the way. It’s so much more than that, though. Among other things, they have a selection of pies on offer. You may not believe it from my choice, but I am actually trying to diet. It’s going well – I have the willpower of a dishcloth – and so one of these pies became my choice of lunch.

There is ample seating outside, which, when the sun is blessing us with an appearance, gives great opportunity to people-watch and decide, discreetly, which yacht you would like to steal if given the chance… or maybe that’s just me?

The Heidi – Goat’s Cheese, Spinach and Sweet Potato Pie.
Served with a Broccoli and Mandarin Salad on the side

Fortunately, service is quite quick, so you don’t have much time to deliberate any yacht theft. My pie was called the Heidi (see pictured), accompanied by a Broccoli and Mandarin Salad, my own choice of accompaniment. Really, it’s do-it-yourself dining here at Deli on the Quay, and if you choose something hot, like a pie, for lunch, you are obliged to supplement it with a side salad or something.

As I said, I am watching my weight, so within my puff pastry case I had a decent mixture of healthy things – namely goat’s cheese, spinach and sweet potato, the latter of which I am not altogether fond. However, when married to these other flavours, it really works and tastes great. A triumph of pastry cookery, in its own way. The salad, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment, bearing in mind all of the sweet flavours from the broccoli, mandarin, red onions and sultanas were completely dominated by the French dressing in which it was practically drowning.

The service is about as good as you’re going to get in a place of its kind. When the weather is as nice as it was, business is booming and so they may not immediately get around to clearing away the table from the people who sat there before you arrived. But they are always polite and attentive when they get the chance.