German Gastronomy: Berlin – Part III – Pizza-Scheune, Berlin

From pandas to pizza, make way for the account of our tasteful, eventful final day in Berlin…

Zoos are great – I personally love them. Oddly enough, the last time I went to one is also recounted on this site; it was when we visited Kaunas back in Lithuania in 2014. Among my friends and I, it was the general consensus that we wanted to visit Berlin Zoo and its neighbouring aquarium, given that it is regarded as one of the best in Europe.

From where we were staying, it was fairly easy to get to, not least because the metro station’s name is easily recognisable to foreigners: Zoologischer Garten. Aside from being huge – a whole day should definitely be reserved for your visit – the zoo houses a pair of pandas, named Meng Meng and Jiao Qing, among its huge array of exhibits, which also includes kiwis, Fennec foxes, hammerhead sharks, a photobombing Blue Tang fish (the same species as Dory from Finding Nemo, for those who didn’t know), and a wealth of hypnotically mesmerising jellyfish. There is also a jumping parrot in their Bird World, but would you believe any attempt to capture the creature hopping about was unsuccessful. Have a look at some of the better images in the gallery at the foot of this article later.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi

A long day brought us back to the city centre to meet up with Jon one final time; we were at first ready for a fancy venue for our last night in Berlin, but we eventually settled on a couple of quiet drinks in a cocktail bar we had been shown when we first arrived. Before that, we needed dinner.

Vegetarian Pizza

Once again, with the Halal needs of my friend Shahan, we ideally wanted somewhere that did a vegetarian and/or seafood option; even more ideally we wanted a pizzeria. In Munich last year, I could not get away from Italian restaurants – I reviewed two during my visit. I imagined in Berlin the same would apply; that there would be one literally on every corner. No such luck. We were walking around for ages in Alexanderplatz and eventually out to the neighbouring Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz before we found somewhere that suited our needs. A pizzeria on a street corner – that was almost what I had to call this article, the restaurant’s name was so surreptitiously placed, we had to find it out from our receipt after the meal!

Salmon & Rocket Pizza

Nevertheless, we were served quickly and in a very friendly manner. For a place of its size, there was a good variety of options from which to choose in the pizza department. A Quattro Formaggi Pizza (see pictured above) for James, for example, pizza with salmon and rocket as Aaron’s choice (see pictured), and a Vegetarian (see pictured above) for Shahan. I contented myself on one of my personal favourites – a Pizza Frutti di Mare (see pictured below).

Pizza Frutti di Mare

Without a doubt, one of the most worthwhile spends of ten euros in a very long time for me. It has been a while since I last had a pizza, due to my diet. This was an opportunity to finally indulge myself properly. This pizza was covered in all the fishy things I love on a pizza (apart from anchovies, about which I was a bit disappointed). But prawns, squid, octopus and mussels made up the cast and every bite was heavenly. If a quick and easy pizza is all you and your party are after, then Pizza-Scheune gets the vote every time.

We will be paying one final visit to Berlin here on Expensive Tastes but not for a couple of issues. Next week is a review-by-request, taking place at a stylish steakhouse in the heart of Bournemouth. The week following will cover our most recent Socialite Section Dinner Party, and after that, our 400th Issue Special, covering a surprise big restaurant.

In the meantime, find below some of our favourites from Berlin Zoo.