German Gastronomy: Berlin – Series 2, Part IV – Night Life – B-flat Acoustic Music and Jazz Club, Berlin

Where do you go for an evening of classy entertainment in Berlin? When theatres and outdoor cinemas don’t quite do it for you, maybe a couple of hours at this jazz bar will do it instead…

I may be writing reviews for the Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra these days, and classical music may be my forte, but coming in close second is jazz. On my second full day in Berlin, after having to miss a free classical concert the day before, my friend Jon took me to another regular haunt of his. A weekly jam session at the B-flat Acoustic Music and Jazz Club.

Amaretto Sour

It is everything you expect of a place of its kind. Quite dim lighting, tiny round tables, waitresses providing table service, wonderful cocktails (like the delicious Amaretto Sours (see pictured), which I cannot help but recommend).

B-flat is a popular venue in the capital. As such, Jon recommended we get there as the doors opened, so as to guarantee us a good spot. It gets packed quite quickly, as I soon realised, to the point where people were obliged to sit on the stairs. A table to the right-hand side and near the back is what I would recommend. It provides the happy medium – a perfect view of the stage but also ample access to the stairs for an unimpeded exit.

When the show finally started, the music came in two stages. The house band providing a few tunes to set the mood to begin with. After that, anything goes – if you sing or play an instrument, you were encouraged to flaunt your skills. If you’re a regular reader or you know me personally, you will probably be aware I have had some involvement as a singer and a pianist in the past, but neither were to be on display this time around.

For an evening out when you want to do nothing but relax and enjoy some live music with a couple of friends and drinks, B-flat has everything you can possibly want. The cocktails are gorgeous, I have to repeat. I know an Amaretto Sour isn’t exactly groundbreaking and they’re not even theatrically or elegantly presented. But you can’t deny decent flavour when it appears before you like that.

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