Halloween Food – Any Point?

Expensive Tastes' 2014 pumpkin - Jacqueline O'Lantern II

Expensive Tastes’ 2014 pumpkin – Jacqueline O’Lantern II

Much to my regret, Halloween is not a well-celebrated event here at Expensive Tastes, mainly because the holiday coincides with some of the busiest periods at university, for me anyway. I bought a pumpkin two weeks ago, but I didn’t carve it until today (see pictured).

The other reason we don’t go in for a Halloween “season” on this site like we do with Christmas is also because food-wise, it is quite dull and in my opinion, also quite pointless. One doesn’t really do dinners for Halloween; it’s more an excuse to get drunk and dress “scarily”, or slutty as the case may be.

Choccywoccydoodah's Halloween window display 2014

Choccywoccydoodah’s Halloween window display 2014
Picture from Twitter

With this time of year as far as food goes, it’s more a time for confectionary – cakes and chocolate like those showcased at Brighton’s popular shop Choccywoccydoodah (this year’s Halloween displays pictured right and below). When I was planning a Halloween article or articles, which I will now have to put forward to next year, I was inspired by a cake the Brighton-based chocolatiers had made for a wedding photo shoot, involving a cake being hollowed out and filled with raspberry coulis. When cut, or in this case hacked into with an axe, the cake looked as though it was drawing blood. It gave me the idea for Bleeding Chocolate Puddings, but as I say – those will have to wait until next year. But otherwise, the other recipes out there, really, are for sweet-treat-type things that you’re more likely to serve as nibbles at a child’s Halloween party.

Chocolate skulls at Choccywoccydoodah

Chocolate skulls at Choccywoccydoodah
Picture from Twitter

As for what to do with the pumpkin – I think a spin-off of a carrot cake. It was either that or a pumpkin-spiced latte-inspired tiramisù, owing to the Starbucks product’s popularity. Not that I would eat that, of course – I hate coffee! But at least it would be a departure from the done-to-death (no pun intended) Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin Pie (like the one I did last year).