Introducing: Meyer Media

MeyerMediaOccasionally here at Expensive Tastes, we have to stray away from the restaurant reviewing circuit and talk about some other things. Naturally, in the course of my training as a journalist, I made a great deal of connections in the aspiring journalistic world. One such connection is in the process of starting up his own business – Meyer Media (logo pictured) – what one might call a video promotion service.

The founder, Jordan Meyer, who actually trained as a sports journalist, approached The Wessex Hotel – my former full-time place of work – with a mind to offer his services. Who is the social media executive for the said hotel? Me, of course!

In order to help Mr Meyer along, I thought a little friendly advertisement would not go amiss. He explained:

It will be to help [the managers] promote the hotel. The idea is to film in and around the hotel to show potential customers how nice the interior is, as well as what they can do if they decide to venture out of the hotel.”

So it is not only to help the hotels get business, but to show to customers more than just a set of photographs.

If any managers are interested, it would be easiest to contact Jordan via Twitter @_MeyerMedia.