Introduction: Connor Mackay

Connor_MackayPosition: Columnist

Writing with Expensive Tastes since: 2013

So here I am, Expensive Tastes‘ latest recruit. I’ve never really written anything food or travel-based, so don’t expect too much from me all right?

Saying that, I am a writer – I accidentally became a music journalist and currently write for two music magazines – your guess is as good as mine. Along with the ‘professional’ writing I also have a blog, which I update about as irregularly as One Direction release a decent song. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I do actually update it from time to time. The entire purpose of the blog is to provide me with a space to rant and vent my frustrations with everyday living. To put it simply, I am a miserable bastard and I write it down for your reading pleasure.

Miserable ranting is what I am going to bring to Expensive Tastes too. I have been given the freedom to write whatever I like (food or travel related) so I may as well do what I do best – moan.

As much as I’d like to give you an insight into the type of topics I will write about I currently have no idea. I have a feeling I may rant a lot about work; considering I work as a chef part-time it would make sense to do so. Killing two birds with one stone there – moaning about work and producing content for this website, win win.

Hang on a second, I’m being a complete idiot. I am currently sat on a plane, somewhere over France (I think) writing this introduction on my iPad – perfect way to begin I suppose. I’m not a huge fan of flying, not short-haul anyway. I literally spent more time in the airport waiting to board than I will actually spend on the plane, and I hate waiting. Well there’s my first proper piece sorted, I’ll give you a rant on flying, look forward to it!

I’m going to continue reading my book now, that’s what people do on planes isn’t it?