Knowing Your Wines – Cooking with Meat

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Don’t be tempted to put any old mildly grape-flavoured paint stripper into your food. Learn the best wines to cook with all meat and fish…

With a rich culinary knowledge should come an equally good understanding of wine. Not just in the drinking but in the cooking too. Rather shamefully, it is only something I’m just recently coming to appreciate – after nearly seven years of running this publication and being a restaurant critic.

Therefore, I’m launching a new five-part series every other issue, where I will show which are the best wines for cooking and dining. This week and next will deal with using wine in food; later articles will cover which wines to drink with meat, fish, desserts and cheese.

Knowing what kinds of wine to use in certain dishes can be regarded as very much a matter of opinion and experimentation. As such, it is a rare recipe that actually names the variety of wine you should use for the dish. But to cross one point off the list quite quickly — do not fall into the trap of using cheap plonk for the cooking. You may not think it matters, but trust me – it does. You do better justice to your dish by using a wine of good quality.

Equally, don’t use cooking wine. In this old days, they used to fill this with salt to stop the chefs from drinking it.

To save time, I have constructed the below table to show you which are the best wines to cook with meat. I have covered a range of meats, within reason as you will see.

This chart was put together off the back of extensive research. However, if you do have any further questions or requests for recommendations, leave a comment.

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