Knowing Your Wines — Dining with Fish

In the penultimate part of our wine guide series, we cover the tricky topic of pairing with fish. But are red wines so difficult to match up with fish dishes after all…?

Again, common knowledge would dictate that, when it comes to ordering fish in a restaurant, if you want a wine to go with it, you go straight for the whites. There are two surprises for you here. The first is that red wines pair well with fish for eating even more than they do for cooking, but that it is actually somewhat easier to pair a red with fish than it is a white.

This is because, as you will discover by reading this issue’s table, Pinot Noir corresponds so beautifully with several fish options. When it comes to pairing a white to a fish dish, the sheer number of choices makes it a great deal more complicated. Indeed, this article will point you in the right direction for deciding which white is right.

And, as with the other articles that have preceded this one, the table below has been put together off the back of considerable wine pairing research.

N.B. Grenache is listed under White Wine in this list as we mean to recommend the Rosé variety.

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