My Weekly Eats: Week Seven

Despite having been bad again these past couple of days, I’ve not put on any more weight – in fact I’m back on track. I’m halfway through the diet, which I have timed to be fourteen weeks in total, and there’s only seven weeks left until my mother’s wedding. Scary stuff. Even scarier that I still have to lose another stone in that time. I can’t really afford to slip again.

WEIGHT AT BEGINNING OF DIET (Friday 11th April): 96.16kg

WEIGHT AT BEGINNING OF WEEK (Friday 23rd May): 93.60kg

WEIGHT AT END OF WEEK (Friday 30th May): 92.26kg


TOTAL LOSS: 3.90kg

Full_EnglishIt hasn’t been easy with a recurring spat of depression this week, which has prompted my grandmother to want to treat me with things like fried breakfasts (see pictured)black pudding, bacon, sausages, baked beans and toast. I agreed to these under the pretext of being able to burn off every calorie. Needless to say, I think it worked.

Fudge_SundaeIt’s a very psychological business, this dieting lark. Especially for someone like me, who suffers from depression quite frequently. Not being able to eat the things I love is not a catalyst for this melancholy per se, but it certainly doesn’t help! But I’m still trying to exercise off what I eat if it’s not very good – such as on Tuesday where I had a wonderful, if somewhat expensive, day out in Bournemouth with three very dear friends of mine. I have never eaten on Bournemouth Pier before (and I wasn’t prepared to do a review of the restaurant Key West on this occasion), but I had a late lunch of a Barbeque Bacon Cheeseburger with a Wild Berry Mojito to wash it down. After walking around our local aquarium and a round of mini-golf, we ended up in a Wetherspoons, where I had a delayed dessert of a Chocolate Fudge Sundae (see pictured). I walked home, needless to say.

Turkey Stew with Dumpling

Turkey Stew with a Suet Dumpling

The extra exercise came in at work; three very long, very energetic shifts preceded two days off so I definitely could forego any other cardio I would have otherwise done. But when it comes to days off, I often fall foul to other culinary weaknesses, such as suet dumplings to go with stew (see pictured). They are old favourites of mine and I very rarely have them, but being very fatty creatures, I would have incurred the wrath of any professional dietician by openly requesting them.

Seven weeks down, seven to go. If I want to hit my target, I have to lose two pounds a week. This is going to be fun (note the sarcasm).