“Room Service…” “…Just Coming!”

Hotel workers reveal some of their favourite moments of “indiscretion” from their guests.

It would be quite difficult to find a workplace where people having sex is an occupational hazard. In hotels, however, especially for concierge and porter departments, it’s more commonplace than you think. While it’s a moment’s embarrassment for the customers caught mid-coitus, it can be a lifetime’s amusement for the hotel worker, especially when a journalist formerly in their ranks starts asking for the stories.

…That would be me, by the way…


dnd signMy story – THE QUICKIE

I received a call for room service for two people – three courses each. Obviously, one would expect it to take a fair bit of time with six dishes to prepare, but often with busy evenings as this was, our chef had made a lot ready to order. So what would probably have normally taken 20-30 minutes only took ten. Of course I made my way up to their room – all these plates loaded onto a now-very-heavy tray – and knocked on the door as I normally would. First thing I heard, as soon as I knock, on the other side of the door, was the slightly anguished cry of “Ugh! Shit!” from the gentleman in the room.

There were no second guesses as to what I had just interrupted. He arrived soon after in a loosely-fastened dressing gown, and allowed me to bring the tray in. The lady did not even bother getting out of bed. I was half-tempted to say “carry on” on the way out – I don’t think they would have appreciated that, though…


Photo Credit: Nathan Edwards

Photo Credit: Nathan Edwards

Natalie’s story – THE ANNIVERSARY

The most recent one was a couple celebrating their anniversary. They ordered a meal and a bottle of Prosecco. I remember struggling up to the second floor with their food and the bucket of ice for the Prosecco, I thought it would be easier to use a trolley as I was already using it for another job. I knocked on this certain door once, no answer, twice, still no answer then a third time! By this time I got quite a snappy response saying they were coming (to the door). I walked in and there were rose petals everywhere, really romantic! The room was incredibly hot and the lady was just giggling whilst hiding under the duvet. Her husband paid me £50 and let me keep the change and pretty much pushed me out of the room. I couldn’t stop laughing once I got back to the bar. Nearly a tenner in tips though!


Mike’s story – THE GIRL IN ROOM 366

Doing night shifts can often be boring but when you have a small group of lads who keep the bar open until 5 in the morning, there’s enough there to keep you entertained. They were a cricket team that stay with us every year, and obviously the families come with them – they’re all friends with one another. On this particular night shift they all came back from their night out and a couple of the girls that were staying in their party were also there. The lads wanted to stay in the bar but the girls went up to bed shortly after getting back. One of the night manager’s duties is to do a walk of all the corridors in the hotel to ensure there was no fire hazard or break-in. As I was leaving the bar, one of these guys said to me, “If you visit the girl in Room 366, leave the door open when you’re finished!” Room 366 was one of their girls’ rooms. Obviously I took this as a joke, did my floor walk, went back to the bar to continue serving, and these lads gradually all go to bed. I did another floor walk a couple of hours later, and, upon passing Room 366 I noticed the door had been left slightly open. They really shouldn’t have – the sounds coming from there left little to the imagination…