The Cocktail Column: Bar Review – Oase, Berlin

Nearly two months on since we were there, we revisit one of our favourite cocktail haunts in the German capital…

On more than one occasion during our stay in Berlin back in August, with all the walking around and visiting important points of interest, alcohol was a frequent priority. As such, our host and tour guide Jon, had the opportunity to show us one of his regular haunts and favourite bars in the capital.

Oase is every tourist’s paradise: it has indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate all weathers and temperatures; an eclectic cocktail menu spanning the classics of Sex on the Beach, French Martini and Cosmopolitan, to mocktails and even milkshakes to cater for every alcohol and non-alcohol lover; and a very long happy hour.

The No Name

The menu offers such a range it would be impossible for this review to do it justice, so for now, we have gone with a couple of our favourites. Starting with one that would rather remain anonymous, in that its name is No Name (see pictured). A fruity but nonetheless potent concoction – the spirits come in the form of Passoã and Vodka, mixed with juices mango, orange and lime, plus a little sugar. As with many of this place’s cocktails, it comes garnished with a wedge of watermelon – a welcome contrast in the face of such alcoholic deliciousness. Sweet and refreshing, capable of relaxing even the most overstressed of individuals – that’s what going to such a place abroad is about anyway, right?

Amaretto Sour

The No Name is for those wanting something long; if you are looking for a shorter answer to your fancy, then perhaps an Amaretto Sour (see pictured) might better do the trick. Fair enough, it’s weighted down a bit with ice, but that only adds to and improves the flavour in this case. Worth trying if you’re new to Amaretto or Sours, or both!

There’s not enough room that can be said for atmosphere in this place when seated outdoors – people watching is an underrated pastime, but failing that, there’s just something so appealing about sitting outside with a cocktail on a warm evening.