The Cocktail Column: Cosmopolitan



Being the aspirant socialite that I am, I could not resist conjuring up this cocktail at our latest social event, which I attended dressed as a flamingo.

The Cosmopolitan, colloquially referred to as a Cosmo,was particularly made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City, which she eventually stopped drinking because “everyone else started.” I now also have the strictest of rivalries with my friend Miss Stephanie Ruffell, who works as a barmaid at Poole’s Slug and Lettuce and makes these cocktails continuously on demand (usually for me.)


Measurements are 25ml per ingredient or multiples thereof (subject to taste) unless stated otherwise.

  • 1 measure Smirnoff Vodka
  • 1 measure Cointreau (or a similar orange liqueur)
  • Cranberry juice (vary the amount according to your tastes)
  • Dash of Lime Cordial
  • Twist of Lime (to garnish)


  • Shake all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker together and serve straight up (without ice), garnishing with the lime. You can always squeeze some fresh lime into the finished cocktail for a little extra citrus essence!
  • Serve in a Martini Glass as pictured.