The Cocktail Column: Pornstar Martini

70s Pornstar Martini

The ’70s Pornstar Martini
as served in The Orange Rooms, Southampton

I have diverted on a whim here – in my last issue a few days ago I may have mentioned a Pornstar Martini (sometimes known as a ’70s Pornstar Martini) with regard to another form of cocktail – namely a Passion Rum Punch – as they both contain a mutual ingredient in passionfruit. The title of the former drink aroused (no pun intended) the interest of a certain very good friend and co-host of mine, and rather than explain it to him personally, I thought I’d turn it into my next issue.

With a fruity and flamy combination in one drink, and the half-glass of champagne on the side to balance the palate again, this cocktail is definitely one for classy nights out, or indeed one to impress your guests at the next cocktail party.

And while made traditionally with passionfruit liqueur, I have actually had a Mango Pornstar variant at a cocktail bar at home in Poole.


Measurements are 25ml per ingredient or multiples thereof (subject to taste) unless stated otherwise.

  • 1½  passionfruits
  • 2 measures Vanilla Vodka
  • 1 measure Passoã
  • Lime Juice


  • ½ passionfruit
  • Single shot of Cointreau


  • Half glass Brut Cava or similar form of Champagne


  • Halve the passionfruits, set one half aside for garnish, and scoop or squeeze flesh and seeds into the mixer with ice.
  • Pour in the vodka, Passoã and lime juice and shake well.
  • The remaining half passionfruit should float on top of the beverage. Fill it with a shot of Cointreau and set alight for a crowd-pleasing effect.
  • Pour the champagne into a glass and serve on the side.

A warning to you though – back in October I put a feature on this site about the dangers of Liquid Nitrogen in cocktails, as a case had been reported involving a Pornstar Martini and a young lady who had to have her stomach removed as a consequence (read the feature here).

I can only stress in the strongest possible way to take care what you order, please.