The Cocktail Column: Turtle Bay’s Cocktail Collection Vol. 2

Welcome to the second part in my series on Turtle Bay‘s cocktails, the first volume of which can be found here.

So me, Dean, Lina and Jacob are all drinking amongst ourselves, me buying two cocktails per round for myself, Dean and Lina are sharing rounds and Jacob keeping to himself, whilst Jon was playing it rather subtly sober – none of us realised until he revealed later on that he hadn’t been drinking! Because Dean drinks anything – and I mean anything – helping him pick out his next cocktail is not difficult. It’s Lina who pins things down a little, she is averse to banana or coconut. In a Caribbean restaurant you’d think she’s shot herself in the foot. Not actually so, as I was to help them realise.


Apple and Raspberry Mojito

The Apple and Raspberry Mojito (see pictured) I partially chose as the Apple and Raspberry J2O is my favourite flavour, and I had been discussing with Dean a few days previous to that that with the weather having been as nice as it had been, that such a beverage would be so refreshing.
Such was the case with these cocktail, so it would seem I had chosen well again – as per a Mojito recipe, involving rum, lime and mint, but of course with apple and raspberry flavourings in it as well, and topped with a copious amount of crushed ice. Quite pleasant to look at as well as to drink. It was actually like a J2O with a kick, I think Lina and Dean would agree?


Bahama Mama

I first heard of a Bahama Mama (see pictured) back in the days when the hospital sitcom Scrubs was actually good, during a two-part episode when the main characters all go to the Bahamas for a wedding. I must admit I believed the beverage to be a work of fiction at this point, but then coming to Turtle Bay I found that they are very much real. And when Jacob appeared with a couple of them I couldn’t resist not trying one. Quite similar in appearance, retrospectively, to the Beachcomber Zombies we looked at in Part One of this series; again it’s a rum-based cocktail (several forms of it) along with orange juice, pineapple juice and lemon juice. In this instance one would not believe it had as much rum in it as there actually was. But then again, look at the size of those glasses. The fruit juices overpower the flavours in such a way that, like the Mojito, it makes the drink refreshing above all else.


West Indies

Dean and Lina’s last choice before we left was called a West Indies (see pictured) again a rum cocktail but considerably smaller and therefore stronger. I tried a bit of Dean’s the first time round, and then when I came back the next day, in the company of the lady who introduced me to Turtle Bay in the first place – Miss Ellie Wicks – I had one to myself, not caring a fig for my liver. Looks a bit like iced tea in a way; I believe its main mixer was apple juice, but the rum flavourings really do take over in this case. Out of all the cocktails we sampled that day, this one had the biggest kick, even more so than the absinthe-filled Beachcomber Zombie. But at the same time it was sweet, but of course it’s so strong that to take it all in one go would probably kill you.