Tripping the Light Gastronomique – Part III – Cocktails at Seven – Planet Hollywood, Disneyland Paris

Planet HollywoodWhen I last came to Disneyland with my family in 2003, we were in France for two weeks, and during that time visited three times to get the utmost out of the two parks. Sad to say our two-hour delay this time meant we could really only do one of the parks properly. But also, on the last visit ten years ago, we did try to get a table in Planet Hollywood (see pictured) – financially co-endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis – for dinner, but turns out none were available.

annettesInstead, we went to eat at Annette’s Diner (see pictured) just across the way, which was a 1950s diner whose waitresses all moved around on rollerskates. Rather like the new Ed’s Easy Diner chain like the one we have in WestQuay in Southampton, Annette’s lives and breathes burgers and hot dogs. The sort of thing that I – as an aspirant restaurant critic – find uninteresting to talk about.


sly MOTORHowever me and Dean were not trying to find Planet Hollywood to eat there. We had been invited by our lecturers for cocktails at seven, when the two main parks shut for the day. Naturally for the pair of us – alcoholics both – we were among the first to arrive. In the meantime taking pictures of the motorbike from Lethal Weapon and a life-size model of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa (see both pictured), and then contemplating how much money I had left (regrettably I had not brought a great deal to Disneyland) for the numerous cocktails on offer.

Now you’d expect them to be somewhat on the expensive side of course, but really they weren’t too bad – €8.50 apiece is actually quite good value, especially bearing in mind how potent and gorgeous in taste they were.


Pineapple Express

Amidst sipping a couple of my friends’ – Lina contented herself with a Tequila cocktail, Rhiannon with a Malibu one – Hannah, along with a couple of the sport journalists, introduced me to the Pineapple Express (see pictured). This beverage is simply divine in taste – blending Vodka and Malibu together along with pineapple and orange juices, and garnished with either an orange or a pineapple slice.

POTATO SKINS with cheese and bacon

Potato Skins with cheese and bacon

All the meanwhile, sipping a rum and coke at the bar, my co-presenter Dean had ordered some potato skins (see pictured) – the only food I would consume within Planet Hollywood while we were there. He permitted me to try one. It did taste sensational – the blend of hot cheese and hot bacon on top of the soft fluffiness of the potato – it did take me aback slightly as to how hot it was! That’s all very well, but they did cost Dean a shocking €8.90! There’s two missing from that picture but all the same! They were good, but not that good!



Now coming to the end of my finances for the day, I was very well aware that dinner wasn’t going to happen, so I instead took on the chance of trying a Hellboy (see pictured) – probably the most alcoholic cocktail on the menu. Southern Comfort, Vodka, Amaretto, some other forms of alcohol, mixed with cranberry juice, and garnished with a lime wedge. The blend of flavours make a surprisingly delicious and refreshing cocktail. So much so that even Dean was having one, despite saying that he was not really the cocktail type.
He stole a Planet Hollywood glass as well, utilising me and my subtlety to hide it in the bag that was carrying the present I had bought for my sister.

DEAN with the Chevrolet

Dean with the Chevrolet

To end the day, which once it had gotten started was actually brilliant, I took some pictures of Dean with a beautiful, yet pink, Chevrolet outside the restaurant (see pictured). Dean and I have a penchant for muscle cars – the Mustangs, the cadillacs, but his dream car is a Chevrolet from 1960-something (he has the date tattooed on his chest but I don’t tend to remember things like that).